Monday Mayhem

It is a beautiful sunny Monday morning here in the south of France and I have an action packed week ahead!

Lots to do, places to go, people to visit and books to write!

There is so much going on in my little world at the moment. I am moving in the near future so this morning I will be popping down to the new house for a little look around and then it is back to the writing corner to get stuck into Melinda. The first book in the new series of novellas.

The downside to moving. I am not even thinking about it, okay, I just did lol I have to pack! I have it down to a fine art. I have moved a few times over the years. Does not mean to say I like doing so though lol

Well back to the mayhem, that is my life!

Have a great day my lovely cohorts. Toodles, for now, Caroline xoxo

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