One more day & Happy July 4th

Before I get stuck into this post I would like to say have a good July 4th to my American friends. I hope you have a fantastic day!

I am also posting to say, please do not miss out on the opportunity to enter my giveaway! It has a few great books and a kindle reader up for grabs.

Today will be your last chance to enter. I will be shutting it down tonight, and entering all the names onto the list to make the random selection of the winners.

Just click on the giveaway page to find out how to enter. It is as simple as liking the post! What do you have to lose, apart from the chance of winning that kindle?

I will be announcing the winner tomorrow on here. It will be a busy day as it is also release day for Nikki’s Challenge the fifth book in my supernatural sagas series.

Off to my writers corner 😉 Have a great day!
Toodles, for now, Caroline xoxo

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