Something New…

I have been writing for a while now. And yes I love PNR (Paranormal romance) I do have another genre I like to read and I have always said I would love to be able to write it. No, not crime, my guilty pleasure, drum roll. Erotica. I have never been brave enough to use some of those plot ideas I have in the cache of my brain.

Today, I am putting on the big girl panties, or should I say removing them 😲


I am starting out small. It will be a series of short novellas.

I am well into the first book of the No Strings attached series. Each one will be called after the main character.

How do I get these ideas? All over the place. This one started a while back, but has blossomed into something that needed to be written. When I am out and about I like to people watch. It was this friday night I really thought about jumping into this project. I was out watching a friend singing with his band. Looking around at the people I began to wonder who they are and what they do. It is a writer’s curse to imagine that of the people around you. Or is that just me? lol But, I digress.

Yes Friday night, out listening to the band and watching peeps. I am living in a country where I have to think about what I am saying as I will admit my French is not so good. Okay, okay. It is terrible. I have found that if you try to speak french to the locals and you struggle, they smile and a good fifty percent of the them will speak english or are happy to use the translator. I have one downloaded to my phone.Yes, a wonderful gadget and my lifesaver lol

I am sat people watching, they are in couples and singles. The mind wanders as you watch. I come up with some of my best bits at these times. So if you see me out and about and I look a bit far away. Watch out, if you disturb me you are likely to play a part in one of my books 😉

I am thinking, do I, don’t I write another series? Finally a friend of mine said go for it. So here I am blogging to my followers that my guilty pleasure is to read a bit of erotica. I mean who doesn’t enjoy a little hanky spanky every now and then? So watch this space. Melinda is the first book coming your way.

I am having a fun Sunday. I hope you are too.

Toodles, for now, Caroline xoxo

1 thought on “Something New…

  1. It is a writer’s curse. I do it too! I say, go for it! Write what you want to write, hun. x

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