Only two sleeps!

Yes! So close. Only two more sleeps until you can lay your hands on the warriors 😉

Barrow is more than ready to meet you on Monday, and Duke is impatiently waiting in the wings.

Will post a snippet from Barrow just to tickle your taste buds.

I am full of cliche taglines today lol

So, cover and snippet 😉


Claus hears his name over the loudspeakers. Report to the main office. He was hoping to get away with going back into that room ever again. That warlock gives him the willies. Yes, the big bad demon is feeling nervous. It would seem no matter what your size is or how intelligent you are. He will have the upper hand no matter what. Black magic is not something to be sniffed at. Walking out of his room he makes his way to the office. On arrival this time there is a young woman sat at the desk in the outer room. She is sitting with her head down working. She doesn’t even look up she just points at the door. “The master is waiting for you.”

Rolling his eyes, he cannot believe it. Is there anyone in this place he does not have a contract with. Walking through the door the room looks different from before. He momentarily hesitates.

“Do not just stand there. Shut the door behind you and take a seat, please. I have contracts with everyone in my employ. It is safer all-round that way. And yes, I can hear what you are thinking when you are within my proximity. Do not worry, I do not wish to know what you get up to any other time. But that little spell has saved my life more times than I care to mention.”

Have a great day peeps. Will post another snippet and the links tomorrow.

You can still pre-order so you are one of the first to meet the Gehennas Warriors’

Toodles for now, Caroline xoxo

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