Happy Fathers day!

Yes, I am a bit late in the day. I have been out and about with friends 😉

Hopefully all you dads out there had a relaxing day.

My Dad went out with friends for a steak lunch, it left me able to go out and about with friends to what the English call a boot fair, in France they call it a bric brac.

They say. One man’s’ junk is another mans treasure.

I picked up a lovely handbag. New with its tags for a very good price. I have lost count of the times I have rummaged through the sales and thought Oh I like that and then it sits in the bag box, on the shoe rack, or in the wardrobe for a few months until I give it away!

This bag has already lost its tags and has been filled with all those essentials us ladies need to carry around. It will be loved and used 😉

To some a bit slow and on the quiet side. A good three hour walk around the treasure trove of other people junk they no longer need and want to part with. Lunch with friends then a relaxing afternoon chatting. For me, a day away from the writers corner. Don’t worry I will be back with Duke and book two of the warriors tomorrow lol

That was my day. Tomorrow I am going to be biting my nails down to the quick as Barrow the first book in my new series will be available to download. I will share the links tomorrow!

So once again. Happy fathers day to all the dads out there including mine!

Before I sign off a little reminder. Pop over to the giveaway page and give it a like or one of the other little ways of entering. You could be the proud owner of a nice new Kindle reader or some great ebooks.

Toodles, for now, Caroline xoxo


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