Sunday Scuttlebutt

I could not resist it any longer. I always smile whenever I think of writing SCUTTLEBUTT there is something about the word that makes me grin. Plus it sounds better than Sunday Gossip.

I am trying to keep my word. I promised in the new year (was not a resolution. I do not do those) to be online and in touch more than I have in the last year or so. I had not published anything in an age. I had made the decision to take my books down and upgrade them. I have developed as a writer over the last 5 years! I cannot believe it has been that long since I decided to write a book. I have always been a bookworm. I love to write. Although those scraps of paper always went in the bin. Sadly I never kept any of it. Maybe not so bad. One day I will shuffle from this mortal coil and I would hate to leave my daughter too much clearing up. I can hear her shouting at me to stop talking like that, lol sorry Monkey.

So, back to what I was saying. I have been sort of good and I am trying to post regularly.

It is a fair bit of work, I have this blog and a few other haunts us writers frequent.  It is more disheartening when you take the time to post and it has become like a ghost town.  Yes, the specials are playing in the background here 😉

I know I am starting over as I did the disappearing act for a year. Any writer knows you are only as good as your last book. In my defense, I took time out to do re-writes edits and I wrote a couple of other books in my time away. Oh, I may have enrolled in a couple of online classes. One is still ongoing lol

Back to the good stuff!
As of February, I started to publish again. There are two books out so far with another two on pre-order. I took the decision to go with Amazon so all of my books are registered with Kindle Unlimited as well.

So what am I saying in this post?  This is my Scuttlebutt. (gossip) I am back with a vengeance and determined to reach out to any and all lovers of paranormal romance as my characters have a lot to say and I for one am in love with their stories. All I can say, is I hope you will be too!

With that, I am going to love and leave you my lovely cohorts.

Toodles, for now, Caroline xoxo


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