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Protecting the Family

The fourth book in the Supernatural Saga’s. Angel is moving on with the life the fates have sent her way. The madness of it all is far from over. If she keeps pushing at fate they will push back!

Book four is available to pre-order. I will drop the links at the end of this post in case you wish to add it to your list.

Without any further delays.


There is a gentle tap on Angel’s door. She takes one last look in the mirror, muttering. Too late, to change now, wearing a skirt is so, not me. What was I thinking! Opening the door, she cranes her neck up taking in the sight of the huge male stood there, not whom she was expecting. Her eyebrows raise, and her lips form as if she is going to speak, but not even a squeak passes her lips. “Good evening Ms. Ladislav, I am Henri. Dorian sent me to escort you to his rooms.”

Looking down at herself one more time she feels a little awkward. She slips through the door, shutting it quietly behind her.  Following Henri down the hallway, she trots to keep up with him. He is deathly silent and does not notice she is struggling to keep up. To her surprise, she is finding it hard to get a read on his emotions. Perhaps she is not reading people after all.

They enter the lift and it starts a downward descent. They travel further down than Archie’s place. It does not have a floor number, just a name, Winters Suite. The door slides open, it looks to be a similar set-up to Archie’s. An imposing statue sits in the center of the room. As she approaches the statue, Angel can see it is nude and averts her eyes. The face looks familiar. With a flush of embarrassment, Angel can see it is Dorian.

A whisper from behind her makes Angel jump, she hadn’t even heard Dorian enter.  “You do not like my statue?” Looking around she also notices Henri has disappeared. “Umm, it is nice.”

Dorian’s bellowing laugh echoes around the room. “Nice!  Now that is a first. I have been around a few years. I did a little modeling back in the day. I have never had it described as, ‘nice’.” Dorian takes Angel’s hand and gently brushes his lips across her knuckles.  Looking up into her now widening eyes, he smiles a seductive smile, loving the effect he has on her.

“Good evening Angel, how are you? I hope you are hungry. I have some wonderful delights for you tonight.” Holding out his arm to Angel, he guides her to one of the nearby rooms. As they enter, it feels like they are walking back in time.  Several hundred years back. Everything’s wooden paneled. Angel then notices the lighting is candlelight – hundreds of them all glittering and causing wonderful shadows. Angel’s eyes wander around the rest of the room. The look on her face is that of a child seeing Cinderella’s castle for the first time. It looks like some of the pictures she has seen in her history books.

“You like?” Dorian is beaming at Angel. “I modeled it on the dining hall from my castle in Scotland. Unfortunately, I do not get to visit enough these days. I was becoming a little homesick. I decided a few years ago I would have the rooms here changed to resemble them, a home away from home. Would you like a tour after we have eaten?” Angel nods and smiles. “I remember the first time I walked into Archie’s den, I had a shock at how homely it is.”

Dorian’s fascinated with how open and innocent Angel is. His heart swells, but he also worries these characteristics could easily cause others to take advantage of her. He gestures towards the large dining table. “Shall we sit? I am sure you must be hungry.” Walking to the far end of the enormous table, they sit at one end, facing each other. As they take their seats, an older looking woman walks in, all smiles. Her face looks familiar. Angel has a feeling that she knows her but cannot place where from. “Master Dorian, are you ready to eat?”

Dorian beams at her, “We are, thank you, Nelly. I have to say, something smells tantalizing.”

Nelly turns, the wrinkles on her face have gathered around her eyes, but they shine with pleasure at the compliment. She hurries out of the room, only to enter a few moments later carrying a tray with two glasses and a decanter. Placing it on the table, she nods to Dorian and leaves the room.

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I hope you enjoyed your sneak peak from Protecting the Family.
Have a great day my lovely cohorts. Toodles, for now, Caroline xoxo

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