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Good morning my lovely cohorts. It is a rainy day here in southern France. Perfect excuse to hide away in my writing corner. Okay, I will use any excuse to go hide in my corner of creativity.

Its action packed here in the supernatural saga’s at the moment as we are getting ready for the release of Nikki’s Revenge on the 13th April.  The cover has been approved and the final edits are being run through. Exciting times!

I cannot believe I have the third book in the series coming out already. If all goes to plan by Christmas. Yes! I said the C word 😉 I will be releasing book eight of the sagas. Best not get carried away lol

Back to book three. Nikki’s Revenge I thought I would share the cover and a snippet for you today.  Enjoy 😀


Two black Range Rovers arrive at the compound. As they draw up to the main entrance, Nikki can feel the tension within the pack. Having a link to Marius, she is feeling everything he does. She is sure he is shielding her from most of it. As they approach the vehicles, Nikki leans in. “Why is the pack so nervous?”

If Nikki hadn’t started to feel the bond, she would have never noticed the slight falter in his step.

“You can feel that?”

Nikki nods and he smiles.

“The bond is getting stronger between us. There will be no denying it for you soon. I am lost to you.” Stopping in his tracks, Marius turns and takes Nikki’s hands in his. Her heart flutters as he leans in, thinking he is going to kiss her in public. Nikki’s breathing quickens, and her heart shows no sign of slowing down the maddened rush. She knows the other wolves will sense her panic, but she just cannot help herself.

“You are my mate, Nikki. We need to get this mess cleared up. Shall we go and greet our guests?”

As they approach the waiting cars, the walkie-talkie Marius is carrying crackles.

“It seems our last guest has arrived.”

As the truck nears, Nikki has a flashback from the night she was attacked. Her knees nearly buckle with the impact of it, but Marius has already slipped his arm around her waist and makes it look like he is just embracing her.

‘Niks – Maso says it will be okay, do not worry. They have a plan to sort this entire mess out.’

‘I heard him, thanks, Neasa. It does look like our bond is getting stronger. Seeing that truck brought something back from the night I was beaten.’

Nikki feels Marius squeeze her.

‘Let us get our guests settled and then you can fill me in. Anything else to add to what we have will only help your case.’

As they near the blacked-out windows, Nikki notices there are two occupants to each truck. They all exit at the same time, the two in the rear vehicle walk up alongside the others, and they form a line and stride towards them.

Nikki was ready for this, as Marius had already warned her that they would be putting on a show of strength. It is how the Desory keep their reputation as a force to be reckoned with. The sheer size of the two demons stepping out of the truck is still daunting.

She remembers the conversation from earlier at breakfast. The teams are always work in fours. This one has two horned demons and two witches, they are being sent as they have nothing to gain from the situation. As they approach, the demons seem huge. Nikki is surprised to see one of the witches is male.

Marius makes a low bow. “Welcome, ad locum nostrum.”

The four nod their heads in unison and break ranks. It is the tallest demon who embraces Marius in greeting.

“It has been too long, Primo, how are you?”

“I am well, thank you. You look as if you are doing well.” He nudges Marius and winks at Nikki, stood slack-jawed.

“Oh, my manners – Primo, this is Nikki Palomar, daughter of Darius. Her wolf is Neasa and my mate. Nikki, this is Primo, Demon of Horns and leader of Desory Team One. Now we have the formal introduction out of the way. Nikki this is Primo, an age-old friend – Primo this is Nikki and Neasa, my mate.”

The demon holds out his hand, Nikki takes a firm hold, but his hand still dwarfs hers. “Brave lady, – taking on the task of kicking this one’s butt into shape. Fate has been kind to you, Marius.”

“I hope so, Primo. Fate has had a hand in events that happened last night. We need to talk.”

Hope you enjoyed my tiny teaser.

Have a great day. Toodles, for now, Caroline xoxo

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