Where has the year gone???

I cannot believe I have not posted on here since May, much to my shame!

I hear you ask, what has happened in the world of Caroline F Levy since she last blogged? A Lot!!

I am proud to say I have become a Nana this year. Oliver is such a beautiful little boy, but then I would say That! My daughter had a hard time bringing him into the world, but she did it and he is now a joy in our lives.

I took what was supposed to be a couple of weeks off in the summer to spend time with some friends visiting… That turned into six weeks lol

As soon as they left, I seconderd myself into my writing corner with my head down and ready to roll. I have had some wonderful ideas involving the entire supernatural race and I am at present revamping my first three books so that they tie into one series instead of several. Do not worry They are more or less the same, I am just making the timelines tarry.

So keep an eye out. The Supernatural Saga’s will be coming to a kindle near you soon.

I got sucked into the supernatural world and was getting ready to relaunch and publish two new books for this Christmas. However.

I mentioned my daughter had a hard time bringing our oliver into the world and it has had some side effects. I will not go into too much detail as she is a private person. However, I will say I had to down tools for a few weeks and go back to the UK to take care of Oliver while she had an extended stay in hospital. Thankfully that have stabilised her and in a few months she should be well on the way to being on the mend. To my spiritual friends out there your healing thoughts would be most appreciated   ❤

This lead me to having a rethink on the relaunch as I am still working on the novels due to taking time out. Please do not fret too much, I will endeavour to have the relaunch and books ready for February. Watch this space as I will also have a kindle reader to give away when I do so, to say thank you to my readers for your patience.

That is my gossip for now… well, what I am willing to share that is

I promise to post on here for Christmas, it may even be a little snippet from the upcoming Nikki’s Challenge.

Take care my lovely Cohorts and Toodles  for now xoxo

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