Sunday Snippet from Nikki’s Challenge

As promised, a little snippet from the unpublished Nikki’s Challenge. This will be due to be published In February 2017. It could be subject to changes as I am only just doing the first run through of the first draft   🙂

Hope you enjoy my lovely Cohorts.

Copyright © Caroline F Levy 2016

The stairs loom in front of her, Nikki knows she has to go up there eventually. Maybe Sam is right, pull the plaster off quickly and get it over and done with. She bounds towards them taking them two at a time and bursts through the door. What she comes face to face with shocks her. The room is pastel blue with hints of cream, there is a carpet on the floor and three neatly arranged desks, and behind one is a young woman, who now looks terrified. Jumping from her chair as Nikki enters it falls to the floor behind her. Ignoring the chair, she races round the desk with her head tilted to the side bearing a delicate neck. Sam enters the office almost ploughing into the back of Nikki, pulling her behind him as he does. “Who are you? And what are you doing here?”  The young woman looks behind Sam. Even though her mind is screaming run from him, Amelia’s heart and body are repeatedly chanting mine. As she takes a tentative step forward she hands him a note, a look of longing coming across her face. He snatches the note roughly enough to cut her with the paper. An exasperated sigh echo’s around the room and Sam finds himself being shoved out of the way. “What is the matter with you Sam – Sorry about that, what is your name sweetheart?” Shoving her bleeding finger in her mouth to clean away the blood she then extends her hand out. “My name is Amelia Costello; the letter will corroborate my credentials. Lizzy Ardron said you need some help with the admin side of things while you settle in here and find your own people. I am from the Topline pack and am here for as long as you wish me to be.”

Tearing open the letter Sam scans the contents before handing it over to Nikki.  Taking a step towards Amelia he holds out his hand, Amelia carefully places her hand into his, both gasping as an electrical pulse races between them. ‘Mine’ pulling her closer to him and holding her shoulders he gazes into her eyes, all he wants to do is kiss her and claim her as his. Shaking his head to clear the haze, he notices she is stood frozen in a trancelike state. Gently he places the palm of his hand to her cheek, her natural instincts have taken over she almost purrs at him ‘Mine’

The door closes behind them, Sam knows Nikki has left them alone. Fate has delivered him his mate.

Lars comes rushing up the stairs just as Nikki is closing the door behind her. He looks at her then around the landing leading to the offices. “Where’s Sam?” Beaming at him, “fate has him a little busy right now.” Slapping his hand down onto the railing Lars laughs. “Fate’s timing can be so fickle, what is she like?”

All Nikki can say is “Young and very pretty.”

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