Sunday Snippet

The time is drawing ever nearer for the second book in my Woodlands pack series to be released.
So for today’s snippet I thought I would share a little from book one.  Nikki’s Revenge.

Enjoy 🙂

Sam enters the apartment, closing the door as quietly as he possibly can, but his footsteps still echo, no matter how lightly he tries to walk. There are highly polished floors you could eat your dinner off, and the walls are a stark white. There are no personal touches, if it wasn’t for the furniture, you would think the place was vacant. Hopefully, Bret is still otherwise occupied, and will leave the detective situation be. No such luck. As Sam rounds the corner, he finds himself pinned to the wall with a snarling Bret in his face.

“You took your sweet time. Well, is it that cop bitch or not?”

Sam swallows hard, his throat crushed by Bret. He is nervous, but tries to hide it, blinking just the once and dissipating his dry mouth. He knows better than to look like he is the prey. He is Bret’s second in line, and as such, should act it. Pulling himself up so that he is stood straight, he answers, “Yes, it’s the detective, Boss. But I have to say, I don’t think it’s a legit stakeout. She’s out there alone.”

This seems to pacify Bret. A spark of an idea shines in his eyes. Stepping away from Sam, he stalks off down the hall towards the living room, calling for Brody as he goes. “Brody, get rid of the bitch out back. I have to arrange a few things, and I could do without any witnesses.”

Brody goes and gets the girl from the back room set aside for Bret’s activities. Handing her a roll of bills, he roughly drags her down the hall and shoves her out of the door. Brody walks back into the front room, to see an almost relaxed Bret lounging on the sofa. But they all know that within a split second Bret could be on any one of them.

Brody stands as far as possible from Bret without making it obvious. “What’s up, Boss?”

Bret looks at Brody, nodding towards the window.

“Tell me what you see?”

This isn’t looking good. Brody is supposed to have eyes all around the building. What have they missed? Slowly, Brody makes his way over to the window. He doesn’t expect to see much, it’s getting late. There are only a few people out, and most of them are on their way home. Then he clocks her, tucked away, still looking towards the building. As he watches her, Nikki moves out of the alcove she was hiding in, and walks down the street.

“Looks like you have a fan, boss. Although by the looks of it, she’s leaving for now.”

Bret is there beside Brody in a heartbeat. “Send someone to follow her, now.

Brody flips open his phone and calls for two of the young wolves, telling them to follow, but not to engage the girl. Bret calms down a little once the cop has gone.

“I want to know everything about her. Where she lives, to what colour underwear she wears. Sam, you have a way with the ladies. Find that out for me.”

Sam inwardly grimaces, but nods at his boss. There is no point questioning him. Not only is he their boss, he is their Alpha. What Bret asks them to do must be carried out, no questions asked. Even though Sam is his second in command, and Brody is his third, he treats them like any other wolf in his unofficial Pack. Sam and Brody are the only wolves he keeps around at all times, but they are there in a bodyguard capacity. No one ever looks twice at the two males constantly at his side. The rest of Bret’s wolves are spread out. He makes sure they move around, keeping his unofficial business activities going.

Brody stands waiting for instructions, hoping that not too much of a fallout will land at his feet.

“I haven’t forgotten that whoever was watching out front missed that cop bitch tonight. I trust you will take them to one side and teach them how to do their job correctly?”

He stares at Brody, enforcing the statement with a leer. Brody knows better than to argue, that one look also makes sure Brody knows he hasn’t finished with him yet.

“I also need you to lead the cop bitch to the Kent street gang. I would like to give her something to distract her while we check her out, should give Sam a little wooing time as well.” Bret laughs and stands up, giving himself a shake as if he is in his wolf form.” I’m still feeling frisky. Go get me someone to play with. Oh, Brody, I liked the last one… I love it when they cry.”

You can find me in all the usual haunts. Just put my name in and I will be there.
Do come and say hello, it makes my day.
I hope you are having a good one yourself. Caroline xoxo

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