Mid week meet & greet. Archie McMelanhoy from the Family Saga’s

A big wave and mid-week hello

So I love reading, if you are reading this, then I do believe you do too.

Sooo I thought it would be good to let you meet some of my book friends (characters)

Today’s victim I mean friend is Archie McMelanhoy from the family saga’s.

This is all I could wean from him, he is an annoyingly private person

Archibald McMelanhoy  Vampire Age, over 400 years of age. He wouldn’t say how much older lol

He’s a few times removed cousin to Jesaray and Angela.

He grew up when there wasn’t even electricity. Coming from wealthy roots he has made sure to keep up with the latest events around the world. This has helped to keep his investments healthy, for himself, and other members of Topline management. Although he makes sure to Steer clear of the political stuff. He huffed when asked if he would ever want to be elected for the council.

He reminds me that he  is a member of the Desory, although his role is more management than field work. He sends out the orders to units making sure his supernatural brethren can sleep safely, and keep their family’s in the manor they are accustomed.

Archie has a good soul but he doesn’t trust many people. I had to get past his protector is Hank Proctor. I will tell you more about him in another post though 🙂

Archie is very secretive about a lot of things in his life, his love life being one of them. I asked about the playroom rumours. I found he hass a playful nature when he winked and said he may show me if the rumour is true or not one day. I will keep the rest of that conversation between us lol 😉

He did say he has a good friend he trusts completely, but again ignored the question of romance. I will get you some answers, alas it will not be today.

Archie has amounted, quite the portfolio over the years. One of his favourite business’s is a coffee shop. Topline coffees.  Archie tells me it’s a place where in daylight hours humans can mingle with vampires, and many a hook-up has been planned within it’s walls. However, when the sun goes down it’s a vampire and guest’s only private members club. I angled for an invite but never did get one.

Archie did let me have one juicy snippet of gossip though. He has a talent that most vampires would crave. He can calm others into compliance, if he wasn’t a better vampire he could have used this gift to his advantage as he can will the recipient into doing his bidding if he wishes. Yes I blanched at that, thankfully he laughed and said I’m not his type. Not sure to be relieved or peeved.

Well unfortunately he is a busy man and that is all we had time for. I hope you enjoyed getting to know him a little better.

I’m hoping we will get to see a little more of this sizzling hot vampire in the next book about the family saga’s. He did say he will be around a little more for Angel in Changing the family. But for now it is farewell.

My thanks to Archie for letting us in a little and to you for joining us on our mid week meet and greet

Toodles, Caroline xoxo

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