Sunday snippet… from Protecting the Family

This weeks snippet is from a book you can have now 🙂

Book two of Protecting the Family

They make their way down the main stairs but pass the main door. “Be patient Angel.” He is starting to get to know her too well. Angel knows no matter what, being with Dorian is going to make her life interesting to say the least. “Our lives are going to be so much more than interesting my little vampess. Now, close your eyes.”

A door creaks open and the first thing Angel notices is the sound of rushing water. Dorian’s hands cover Angel’s eyes, “No cheating.”  He guides her into the room. When her feet sink into grass she frowns. There isn’t a garden in this part of the castle. The sound of rushing water is getting louder as they make their way further in. Her senses are all over the place. She can feel they are still in the castle, but the soft heat of a summer sunbathes her skin, the sound of birdsong is just about audible with the rushing water. Then Angel feels a warm breeze on her skin and just has to look. She pulls Dorian’s hands from her eyes, momentarily blinded by a brilliant light. As her sight comes back into focus Angel’s surprised by what she sees. They are in a meadow, beautiful wild flowers everywhere. The rushing water she could hear turns out to be a small brook bubbling by them with a waterfall off in the distance.  It’s the most beautiful place she has ever seen. “Where are we?”

Need to find out where they are? then you will have to go grab a copy. I know, I’m a terrible tease lol

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Angel has completed the metamorphosis. Found and lost her mother soon after. Has discovered the rest of her family are not what she dreamt about as a child. Her half-brother Erick wishes to kill her, and her Father is a suspected supporter of the Junta, and not a good man. The only one remotely sane is her half-sister Minuet. Who they soon discover is the fated mate of Angel’s close friend Jack, who helped her through the change, but left just when she needed him the most.
Angel has found her fated mate, he’s not just any Vampire. He is Dorian Winters, head of the Vampire council.
Angel never one to shrink away from a challenge. She will have her man, and has plans to join the Desory. Her ambition, to help protect the supernatural community, and the people she has come to know and love in such a short time.
At last, even with all the turmoil, Angel feels like she belongs. No one is going to take this away from her, or will they?
There is another member of her blood family she has no idea even exists. He is going to come into her life like a tornado.
Will there be a happy ever after for her? Will she become the warrior she so desperately wants to be? Or will she give up everything, and the man she loves to protect her Family…

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