Sunday snippet… something new…

Yes all something very new for me. I have been sitting on this one for a while, with the do I, don’t I bit. Finally decided yes I do lol

So introducing Frank Usher… private detective.

I have a few words typed up, but most still in my trusty note book. so can only share a very small and unedited snippet today. I did want to share a picture of him too, but alas I haven’t decided on the final one, so that will have to wait for another day. so without further ado as they say a small snippet from… Missing A Frank Usher detective novella.

Franks game is terrible, he’s been distracted by the fact that Clem is out with Pete again. It’s Mike who notices the look on Franks face. “I take it Clem is out with the deadbeat again. You know you may not be a father by blood, but you’re good to that girl Frankie boy.” Frank lets them get away with calling him Frankie boy. He may be hitting fifty but he can still pass for a thirty something, unlike his friends, but then he works out, doesn’t smoke that cigar he carries around, and rarely drinks. “Hey earth the Frankie… You know she will be okay. He may be a deadbeat, but he seems to care about Clem, come on man. Get your head in the game.”

Yes a tiny teaser, can’t give you too much 😉

Hope you have had a fabulous Halloween take care and see you for a new snippet next Sunday

Take care Caroline xoxo

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