Archie McMelanhoy

Archie McMelanhoy is a member of the  Ladislav family. It is one of the oldest family’s in the vampire blood line.
Archie is a high ranking manager of the Topline businesses. He  also keeps many properties all over the world. Making him a very tidy profit every year.
Archie is related to Angela, by being her mothers cousin. He knows the secrete of Angela’s parentage and has sworn to her mother he will protect her and guide her in the coming months. Archie has volunteered to be Angela’s mentor, so he will speak for Angela at the council once she has completed the metamorphose.
Archie comes across as a gentle caring soul, but like most other Vampires his age he has many secretes to keep. Archie is a very private person so there is always speculation about his private life. One of those rumours is about a play-room in his apartments. No-one from the towers has ever had an invite into Archie’s apartment; so confirmation of it’s existence is the subject of many a discussion. No-one even knows who his personal staff are. If Archie has visitors to his apartment, there is never a trace of them entering or leaving the towers; so this also fuels rumours about secrete entrances to the towers.

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