Roger Anderson A born protector

Roger grew up knowing that one day he might meet a Vampire he would feel the need to protect.

There is an age old pact between the Ware-Animals and the Vampires to protect and provide the bonding between the two races happens when the two meet they instantly bond; there is no going back even if they can’t stand each other.

Little did Roger know his charge would turn out to be a girl barely in her twenties who had no idea that Vampires and Ware-Animals even existed.

Roger is a gentle giant being well over six and a half feet tall, he is always the first to be instigating a prank or two. He has a cheeky nature and is a natural flirt having a reputation of being a Romeo but the truth is deep down he is a romantic at heart and is waiting to meet his life mate and raise a family.

Roger has instant feelings of having to protect Angela the moment they meet; there is an undeniable connection between them. In a short space of literally day’s they are firm and fast friends.

Roger knows it’s forbidden for a protector to be in a relationship with their charge but is Rogers’s heart is telling him differently or is it the bond fooling him?
Will this change his view on raising a family? The mixing of the two races is also strictly forbidden. Only time will tell. He still has to meet his mate or has he already met her and fate has dealt him a cruel blow. Only time will tell.

Roger is from one of the fiercest and rarest of the ware-animal clans the Ware-Bears turning into a very large and dangerous grizzly bear if needs must.

There one thing Roger is more than sure of; he would willingly lay down his life to protect Angela.

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