What a week!

Wow, what a roller coaster week!

It has been a little testing to say the least, lots going off. Some of it personal, like my poor greenhouse being obliterated by the storm we had last week end.

Thought it was a gonna for sure. A bit of TLC and a new cover and thankfully it seems to be okay, until the next gust of wind takes it out… I hope not. I managed to save most of the plants too, so I have been lucky.

I have also been planning to take myself to university for some time. I believe you are never to old to learn something new, or hone a skill you already have. I remember my Nan saying, if you do not use it, you will lose it. She was talking about her mind bless her.  I took the things she said to me for granted. I am lucky I have so many good memories of my grandparents!

It is the little things that make life good! My family will be coming over this morning.  I adore my Grandson and now I have the pleasure of getting to know my Granddaughter! I have so much positive stuff going off in my life and I am very grateful for it. We are in the process of making what I hope will be good memories for my grand-babies. Sunday mornings spending a little time together while having pancakes for breakfast ❤

Now for the rest of the week!

I had completed the application to my local University. I am lucky to have one with such a good reputation so close by!  Part of the process I had to go through was to write a small entrance piece. I thought I would be waiting an age for them to reply after submitting it. I was quite surprised to get an email less than 24 hours later offering me a place on the BA (Hons) English course, starting in September. I know it will be a challenge along side of writing. But, challenge accepted! I am sat here rubbing my hands together grinning, I do not think it still has not fully sunk in yet…


Why am I sharing a picture of what looks like a very small desk you ask?
When I post online saying I am off to my little creative corner, it is just that lol
This week I received my new computer, and I love it.  I now have two screens! no more shuffling between tabs to look at stuff…

So now when I say, I am off into my little creative corner, you know I mean, I am off into the little space set aside in my home  to let my muse do her thing!  Talking of said muse, I have to go do battle as I am well into the re-writes of Mason. I have to remind her all good things come to those who wait as she huffs and metaphysically stamps her foot. The little books on my desk are where I keep all her ramblings. There may have been a few new ones added this week, that is all I am going to say, for now. 😉

I hope you have all had a good week?
Please stay safe out there. Toodles for now, Caroline xoxo

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