Two week blogging course…

As some of you know I have been blogging about being a fledgling writer for a while now. I really love that my blog quite often brings traffic to my facebook, twitter etc. I have to confess that last year I let my blog slip. Okay… I totally neglected it!!

So why this post. Well I have started off my year in a good way. I have kept to posting a snippet of my writing on a sunday and have posted about a writer’s dilemma or two. I decided I needed to look into promoting/getting my blog noticed when I came across a two week course that is run by wordpress themselves called The daily post. So, as you do I think to myself. Why not. The first day is today and they asked me to write an introduce yourself blog. Well I have been on here a while. However; just in case you are just finding me then here goes.

My name. Caroline F Levy. I am a mum of one beautiful daughter. Not that I am biased in any way. I am also a Nana and very proud of that fact… Now that is the family stuff. I love my pets. I have three cats and a few ducks and chickens and by a few I mean they are a small flock and all have names. Well, almost all of them. I have learned that the first winter can be a cruel one for young birds so I wait until the spring until I give them their names. This year I have seven to name. I will be posting a few pictures here on my blog and asking for some help. But that is for another day 🙂  So, that is the personal stuff.

Now, as to why I blog. I am a fledgling writer, as my blog title suggests. I have three books published and hope to publish another three this year!!  I am also an avid bookworm and love to share for my fellow authors. A shout out to you all. I do a guest post with some unusual questions. The fun part, my guest author can answer them for themselves, or one of their character friends can answer.  It can be very entertaining believe me.  Our character friends never behave as we wish them too.

So this is my first blog of a two week course. Not sure where it will take me, they say they help with setting up widgets and getting a good layout. So yes, I will keep you informed as to what I think.

Just in case this is your first time reading one of my posts. I will leave all the links where you can find me and an email address to contact me. All are welcome to come and say hello, it actually makes my day when you do!!
So that is all for today. Take care my lovely cohorts and toodles xoxo






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