Author chit chat with Miranda Stork

Good morning my lovely cohorts. You will be pleased to know I have had the pleasure of talking with Miranda Stork this week and she was more than happy to answer a few questions that may well interest you. We always concentrate on our writing and pass on some of the personal stuff. Well I asked a few unusual questions and Miranda was more than happy to answer them. so without further delay. My grilling, I mean chat with the lovely Miranda Stork.

Me: What book would you take to a desert Island? Oh yes, you can only have one!

Miranda: Ugh….just one? Okay, um…probably Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende, because it has a little bit of everything in there.

Me: Who would you choose to fan you while you read it?

Miranda: Non-romantically, maybe one of my favourite authors, so I could pick their brain for ideas and tips. Romantically, it would have to be my fiance, Mark.  🙂  Me: Good answer  😉

Me: What is the first book you remember reading or have read to you?

Miranda: The ladybird version of Rapunzel. I can still remember the medieval-era illustrations of the man running away from the witch with an armful of cabbages.

Me:  Who is your hero? Be it writer or otherwise?

Miranda: My hero is my nana. She’s done a lot over the years, seen a lot, and she’s also one of the funniest people I know. She’s like a second mum to me, too.

Me:  Chocolate…. Dark, Milk or White?

Miranda: Ooh….can I melt them together into one big chocolate bar? Don’t judge me – pregnancy hormones. If I HAD to pick one…milk chocolate. 🙂 Me: lol I will let you have that one. We cannot have a pregnant woman ranting now can we   😉

Me:  What was your favourite childhood game and why?

Miranda: ‘What’s The Time Mr Wolf?’. I can remember my friends and I literally spending the entire summer playing this when we discovered how to play. Ah, the days before tablets, kids. 😛

Me: If you could live in any era, present, past or future; what would it be and why?

Miranda: I quite like living in the era I’m currently in, but if I had a chance to live for a while in another era, it would be the eighties. I think it was quite a cool decade, and a lot of historical stuff happened then that often gets overlooked.

So one more question. What is happening in your literary world. Come on we are writers with people out there wanting to know. So I had to ask!


Miranda:  Nothing I’m afraid!  I’m just tidying up Daughters of Brigitania’s first part it’s going to be big, so I’m splitting it into three, then I’m putting it forward to agents.

Me: So exciting times ahead! I hear that you have a promotion coming up with Ereader news for We Are the Few? I will post the links below for this so that my cohorts and go and get a copy 🙂

So that is all from Miranda Today as she has had to dash, My chocolate question set off a craving. Sorry about that lol

I hope you all enjoyed our little chat and do not forget. We are the Few is Free and over on E Reader News on the 18 Jan 🙂

So that is all my lovely cohorts for todays author chat. I hope you enjoyed it. I know I did 🙂

You can find me in all the usual places listed below. Take care and toodles for now xoxo

3 thoughts on “Author chit chat with Miranda Stork

  1. Thank you for having me, Caro! It was a fab set of questions. 🙂 xx


    1. It was a pleasure chatting with you 😊 xx


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