How do you balance an on-line presence?

Don’t get to excited lol I haven’t cracked it, yet 😉

Like any other Author I love what I do, but I also want others to be able to fall in love with my characters and be able to escape into the wonderful world around them. The burning question is, how much do you push your work out into the big bad world?
I never wanted to be one of those people that constantly post, buy my books. But in my aversion to this, I think I may have held back too much.
I have all the usual on-line outlets, Facebook, an Author page as well. I use twitter and Google plus and have my work listed on Goodreads. I also set up a website and of course this blog. But where do you stop?
I have been looking into a quarterly newsletter, I don’t think I am busy enough for anything less. The night job still takes up a lot of my time. And like many other Authors I sigh and say, one day I will write full time. But for now I am happy to be writing part time as it is not a hobby!! but a vocation, I do not make any money from what I write, even though I have two novels published and a third due out in January next year Squeee, no matter what, each and every publication is still as exciting as the first 😀

But I digress, ramble call it what you will lol
I love the fact, that I have met literally hundreds of fellow writers.  Getting published has been a massive achievement for me, especially as I have done so with a small publishing house as well, a big shout out for Moon Rose Publishing!!

The internet is a wondrous tool. But how do we get that balance right?  And how do we get to reach who we really need to? I will be reaching out to all the readers, I know are looking to meet my wonderful characters.
I  will be investigating this over the next few months, and will post about my exploits as and when they happen. If any one has any suggestions I am always happy to try something  new 🙂
So for now Toodles as it’s time for me to go back to my writing cubby,  Angel is calling to me, to get off the internet, and pay her some attention 😉

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