Sunday Snippet

Sunday Snippet Angel is being as mischievous as ever in Protecting the Family

Angel… earth to Angel.”

Feeling her cheeks colour, she realises Dorian had been addressing her. “Sorry, was in a world of my own there.”Raising an eyebrow in question, “care to share?” laughing out loud Angel replies, “Maybe,” she winks, “in private.”  All in the room laugh apart from Dorian, she is almost sure she could see the faintest hint of a blush cross his cheeks.  Archie leans into Angel, and whispers so quietly, that even those with supernatural hearing can eavesdrop. “I am going to give you some fatherly advice. Is it not true that a tiger has a wonderful fluffy tail? Pull it hard enough and you will meet with the teeth encased in the other end. Just remember Angel my dearest one, so do us vampires. Pull hard enough and you will have to accept the consequences.”  Angel’s eyes widen at what he is saying. She really needs to remember, not only is she in a room full of supernatural beings, but they are also very much alpha males with pride and one of these days she will push it too far, and probably end up being very humiliated. Dorian must get the gist of what Archie is whispering and a look of smugness is written all over his face. Angel does the only thing an adult in this situation would do, she pokes her tongue out at him. Dorian’s eyes widen in shock and then close as if he is trying to be patient with a naughty child. Everyone else in the room has no idea of what is going on. Angel has that velvet feeling and expects a retort from Dorian, but it’s not his voice she hears. ‘Midget, what are you up to? Dorian looks like he has steam coming out of his ears. And for a vampire that’s saying something.’  Angel turns her head, so that she is looking straight at Roger, but instead of answering him privately, she speaks her response out loud. “Do you really think he looks like he has steam coming from his ears? I thought it was more of a, I am in public and need to fart look myself.” Roger howling with laughter nearly falls of his chair.

Caroline F Levy ©

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