Happy New Year!

Well, where did the last year go!

So Much has happened in the last year. Work is good, Uni. I decided to apply to complete my Masters degree, which is still ongoing. I have also been blessed to become a Nana for the third time, and finally, my creative world is blooming very nicely.

It is the Creative side this post is mainly about, as I have a video from one of my design team makes to share and also a little snippet of news.

Anyone that has been following me for a while will know that I write as well as papercraft. I have been taking a break from my writing as there are, unfortunately, only so many hours in a day. I have gained a fair bit of knowledge from doing my Batchelor’s degree and decided to pull all my books as I know I can add so much more to the existing stories. I will be reworking/adding to my books in the new year, so I will hopefully have some book news in the next couple of months.

Today I have a video link to share with you. I had the pleasure of colouring one of the zen digital images fro We are the Crafty Witches.

I will leave you to recover from your celebrations and will speak to you all soon.

Once again Happy new Year. Take care and crafty hugs. Caroline xoxo

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