We are the crafty Witches #1

H Everyone.

As you know, I have been invited onto the colouring team for We are the Crafty Witches.

I love colouring, but I am also a card maker as well. With the crafty witches, you can have the best of both worlds!

I thought I would share some of my crafty makes, not just using the Digi stamps but also the digital craft kits you can download, print and craft. No waiting for the postie and no hiding the parcel either, lol

I am having such a blast being on the design team, as we often get together on a video chat and craft together. The laughter makes a quiet hobby into a rambunctious affair.

I have been busy with lots more going on with life, like grandbaby number three will be arriving any day now, working full time, drafting my dissertation for my BA, and sorting out my application to do my MA! I’m biting my nails with that one. Hopefully, I will be accepted onto the course. But I digress!

Sharing a few of my recent makes. All the images and sets can be found on The crafty witches website.

The first two are from a Digi stamp, and the rest are from printable kits.

I loved every minute of making these. There are lots of places you can find out more about we are the crafty witches. Go to Facebook, Instagram, etc. Just type in we are the crafty witches and follow the cackling as it will guide you the rest of the way.

Take care, and crafty hugs, Caroline xoxo.

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