Changing it up a bit…

I am a creature of habit. I like routine.  I know there are many of you out there who groan when someone says that. But, I know there are just as many of you who feel the same way as I do. Don’t get me wrong. I am not one to say, I will have coffee at eight then write for so many hours. Perhaps I should say, I am more of a planner. Although, as you all know. The best laid plans and all that.

I do this thing where I make a five year plan. How many of you out there do something like this?

Even those do not always go off the way I would like them too.  I mean. Six years ago, I had a my five year plan in place to move to France, and become a full time writer. It sort of went in that direction, until it did not. Brexit happened, but I will not say any more than that…

Five years later, I have a whole new five year plan in place. I am back living in the Uk in a static caravan no less. And wow, you have to be a sociable person to live on a site like the one I do lol. It is not all bad. There is a feeling of community here. Take yesterday. My daughter needed some help. I mentioned it to my neighbour and there we were, not just one but three of us going over to her house to help. The only downside, the noise. After living in rural France for four years, it has been difficult to get used to being so close to others again lol. Yup, one year on, and I still crave the peace and quiet. Oh, and the sunshine, I so miss the beautiful weather lol

Hence routine, my neighbours are not early risers. So I get up at sparrows fart and turn on my computer. I’m waffling this week. as I have been struggling to concentrate. I know my routine is about to be blasted into next week come September, and until I know what days I will  be going to Uni I am in limbo. My inner organiser is chomping at the bit to get stuff sorted.

Plus. I will have to get myself a little job. Going to Uni is not exactly cheap, and I need to keep on top of the bills.  The thought of maybe having to slow my publication dates down to every other month is disheartening.  I will endeavour to keep publishing every month, But quality is key!

At least I will not be sat twiddling my thumbs thinking what can I do now; or as my daughter used to say, I am bored! lol

I am off into my creative corner to see Maggie today. There is lots going off with future books as well. I will tell you all about them next week 😍

But for now, I will say toodles, & be safe. Caroline xoxo


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