Wow… What a week!

It has been a full on week here in the creative corner.

Mason went live over on Amazon! For all of you who have downloaded & ordered your paperback copy, thank you ❣

Secondly; I have started to get Maggie ready for publishing next month. And yes, the pre-order is live and once again. Thank you for reserving your copy if you have already done so!  You may notice the price is on the lower side. I decided, for all of you who reserve your copy early, you deserve a thank you from me!

On a personal note, I left my creative corner this Saturday for the first time in months. The pubs here have good social distancing in place, so it would have been rude not too. I do not think I will be eating for a while as I made a little piggy of myself 😊

I will confess, not having to cook was heavenly lol

But! Today I am back in my creative corner; I need to get on with Maggie.

Would you like to see the cover and blurb?

Was that a yes?

Okay, here you go 😍



I have never wanted to do the no strings thing; it is not my style; or at least that is what I tell myself. Repeatedly.
I always thought Melinda was joking about signing me up to the No Strings Agency; until she was not.
With a trembling hand I open the email. One look at those eyes staring back at me from the screen and my heart flutters. Just one click of my mouse is all it would take.

Seeing the picture of the woman looking back at me from my screen; I cannot believe he would do this to me. I know he cares. After all, Roger is not just my manager, he is my friend; but this is just one step too far.
I do not have time to be getting into anything right now. I have a deadline coming up. The problem with that excuse, Roger knows I am too much of a gentleman to stand her up; so, I will go and explain what has happened and then be on my merry way.

I hope that this week has been kind to you, and that the coming week will be too.

Take care out there!

Toodles for now, Caroline xoxo

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