That was interesting!

I am always happy to try something once….
I often go back for another go; unless it is that bad, I know it is not for me.
This week I put my hand to making a short video clip to put on my Facebook page for the upcoming release of Mason.

It was interesting, and took a while longer than I expected! I have to say for my first attempt I am pretty happy with it.  I only post here on a Sunday, but I post daily on my Facebook page, so if you are interested in seeing what I have to say pop over and like/follow my page. Caroline F Levy  I am always happy to say hi when I am passing through. I do have to work sometimes; my books do not write themselves lol
Unfortunately I am unable to post the video here; it is not permitted for security reasons. ☹

Let me know what you think? Feedback is a commodity I value very much.

Just a short one this week, I have to dash, I am still doing the re-writes for Mason and time is ticking by way too quickly!
If you pop over to my page do say hello!

Hope you have a great week and be safe out there.

Toodles for now, Caroline xoxo


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