A day late….

My post may be a day late, but it comes with exciting news!

It has been a while since I have been able to say I have a new book publishing…

Nicholas is finally on the countdown to being released, 3 more sleeps and it is here. (whispers) The paperback may publish a little earlier 😉 However, there is no rest for the wicked, and believe me, my muse is being extra wicked.
I have finally settled on a name for the new series that will run along side of the No Strings Attached series. Exclusively Yours book one should be out by the end of this month.

As long as life does not intervene. I have come to realise, I never say never any more. I have lots of other wonderful stuff happening and it is keeping me busy. Grandbabies! I get to be fun Nana, then they go home to Mummy and Daddy all giddy… (cackles) revenge is mine! I am also looking into going to Uni, Hey, nothing wrong with being a mega mature student. I am still crossing my fingers at the moment. I have to pass an entry test…

Back to writing. I am now in my little creative corner after taking a couple of hours off. No fun, chores to be completed. Not so bad when the sun is shining. I am defo a sunshine girl, nothing better a sunny day.
I will pop the link to my Facebook page or you can follow the links from my front page on here for my Amazon author pages, just in case you wish to pre-order Nicholas.

Next Sunday I am going to give you an update on my green fingers. Hmm, have I managed to kill everything lol

It is a short but sweet post this week, I hear my muse calling so will say, toodles for now, Caroline xoxo


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