Life… it happens

Disappointed, but also over the moon!

I said in last weeks post I would be sharing the pre-order links this week. Unfortunately the book is still in review, it has been for days 😦  I have no idea what is going on. It is poop, but I am unable to do anything, but wait for Amazon to let me know what is going on.
I will share the link as soon as it becomes live over on my  facebook page   Just press the highlighted link 😉

I thought I would share some exciting news. I cannot share a picture with you, as I am respecting my daughter and her partners wishes for the family photos to stay private. But! I became a second time Nana the week.

I also had the pleasure of my Grandson staying with me while his mummy got his baby sister out of her tummy. He is such a sweet boy. I would say that, I am Nana, all our grandbabies are perfect. Well almost, he is like any other little boy and likes to test Nana’s boundaries…  I always forgive him. How else is he going to grow from the adorable little mischief maker he is into the strong, caring, and handsome man I know he will be. But… enough gushing lol

Life has gotten in the way for a couple of days with the edits to Nicholas but I will still get there…
It was a good interruption, one I love very much 😉 I am looking forward to baby hugs, hopefully not to far away now, when life gets back to a hopefully better new norm.

I will be as I have with all of my other books be publishing in paperback. I know it is not links but at least I can show you the cover 😉



The No Strings agency has a fast-growing client list. Karen helps the wealthy find that certain someone for fun times. After meeting Melinda, Karen noticed there are others who want the no strings fun without such a healthy budget. Wanting to pay her luck forward, she forms the silver star package. Members have the same rules with the same background checks. They also sign a Non-disclosure agreement along with the Platinum members. Once the introductions are complete the agency leaves them to their own arrangements.

Nicholas Jacks one of the agency’s long-term members needs a break. Even though he comes from an entitled background he is one of Karen’s more down to earth clients. Receiving the invite to meet with a client from the Silver Star list was quite the surprise. Rhonda’s soulful brown eyes and beautiful full lips have his interest peaked. Hoping the beauty from the other side of the tracks will agree to meet him he accepts the match.

Rhonda thought ticking, I like a dominant partner, meant she would meet a man with stamina. What will she do when she meets Nicholas Jacks? Hotness personified, full of confidence, and eyes that bore into her soul. Her mind shouts, back away, as her inner vixen shudders with anticipation. Will Rhonda overcome the urge to run, or will she embrace what feels so right?

I had best stop messing around online, those edits are not going to finish themselves!

Be safe out there. Toodles for now Caroline xoxo


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