Cover reveal!

Nicholas. No Strings Attached. Book Two. A Crossover Package

The time has finally come to reveal the cover for the upcoming release of book two in the No Strings Attached series.


The No Strings Attached Agency has a growing client list. Karen still helps the wealthy find that certain someone to share fun times with. However, she has come to realise there are people out there who want the no strings fun on a smaller budget.

Karen wants to pay her luck forward, and so she forms another package within the No Strings Attached Agency. The silver star matches people who are on a limited budget. They have the same rules and have the same background checks. The Silver Star clients also sign the same legally binding privacy paperwork as the Platinum members. Once the introductions are complete, they are then left to organise the date between themselves.

What Karen did not expect is that her algorithm would match a Platinum member to someone within the Silver star package. Even more surprising, Nicholas is happy to meet this intriguing woman from the other side of the tracks. Will Rhonda accept his invitation, or baulk at the idea of spending more than one evening with him.

Rhonda thought putting I like dominant men in the bedroom would get her someone with a bit of stamina. What will Rhonda do when she meets Nicholas? Her brain is saying back away, but her inner vixen shudders with anticipation. Will she overcome the urge to run when Nicholas pushes at her comfort zone, or will she embrace what feels so right?

Cover.  Nicholas. Book Two. A Crossover Package

I will be sharing the pre-release links in next weeks blog, along with details on how you may be able to get your hands on a free download of Nicholas!

But for now I am back off into my creative corner, unfortunately the edits will not do themselves 😉

Toodles for now, Caroline xoxo



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