Be true to yourself

Over the last couple of weeks I have made my posts a little more personal. I may have mentioned, I do not let people in easily. However, I know readers like to know a little about the people who write the books they love. With this in mind I have pushed myself outside of my comfort zone!

This morning the view from my window is a grey one. The rain clouds rolled in overnight, And I got soaked at the ungodly hour of 4 am shutting the top cover down in my kitchen as I had left it open. This time of day is not a good one to be awake, as my little brain whoops and tells me it is time to get rolling. Ignoring her I went back to bed and told Alexa to play some relaxing music for an hour. I soon found myself drifting back off to sleep, but not before I had the outline to this post rattling around my head. After two coffees and me mumbling to myself, here I am, sat waffling to you about what goes off in my head.

Last week I posted about my muse being back. For a long time I have had a battle going off within my mind. One side, my muse saying I know you love paranormal romance stuff but — you know deep down you are going to give in to the other side of your brain saying you really want to write the stuff that makes you blush. Yup, I am one of those people, but I am not going down that path.

My paranormal books have a little spice in them, when appropriate, my muse used to pout as I have always held back. Worried about what people might think.

I wrote Melinda the first book of the No Strings Attached series after a good friend of mine pushed me to do so, and yet, I still held back. Melinda is the biggest seller of any of the books I have written. There is not a whiff of the paranormal characters I have always written with. I found that hard to begin with, my muse on the other hand loved it. It makes me smile to think that people like Melinda. Any writer will say, I do it for the love of writing, but it is nice when readers like your stories and come to say Hi, or I loved your book. It totally makes my day.

Returning to my muse, I sat and wrote the next book in the No Strings Attached series in no time, once I got my routine back. The first draft is complete and I will be editing and hopefully publishing Nicholas in the next few weeks. Watch this space…

However, I am also half way through writing another novella. This one has no title as of yet but the series is D&S ( Dom & Sub ) Exclusively. I have let my muse run rough shot all over my blushes and I am finally letting a little of what she wants me to write hit the page.

I like order in my life. Routine is key and there is a place for everything. Organised chaos is the way I think of it. When it comes to writing, however, that goes out of the window. I start with the character talking to me and the story they show me grows along the way. With this book, I am halfway through and I know the plot and what is going to happen. Perhaps I feel energised as I have that order back in place. I knew the entire plot before my fingers had started to hit the keys. It is quite alien but at the same time, feels right. You ask why call the post be true to yourself, I believe I finally am.

I am writing what my muse wants me to, no holds barred, as they say.

Be true to yourself, be kind to yourself and most important at the moment. Be safe.

Toodles for now, Caroline xoxo


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