My Muse is back!

Writers block is something I have never had. Not in the sense I understood it to be. I can sit and write. I just have to have routine. I kept telling myself…

For over a year I didn’t even read a book! Yes that is correct. My kindle sat in a box not even seeing the light of day, I shudder at the thought of it now. I just could not muster the energy to sit and cocoon myself within the escape of a good book. If you follow my blog or follow me online you will know I have in the last year moved back from France. ( I really miss the sunshine! ) Until a month ago I just tootled along, knowing I needed to write but telling myself you are just way too busy! That was it, life had gotten in the way,

Thankfully my life did a u-turn!

I can honestly say, being made redundant was the best thing that ever happened to me. Yes I worry about paying my bills now, but it has given me the chance to not just stick my toe in the waters of being an author, but jump in feet first and hope I rise above the surface.

You ask, why am I telling you this? I am sat here in my little creative corner this not so sunny Sunday morning in my fluffy dressing gown with my fingers aching to tap away at the keyboard. In the last month I have completed the first draft of Nicholas. Book two, of the No Strings Attached series and my scribbles book has new pages filled with plots and ideas.  My muse is purring for want of a better word.

My beloved kindle. Heretic, I hear some shout at me. If you had my eyesight you would love your kindle too. She is back out and being cherished, full of new downloads ready to be devoured, but I digress.

My muse…

I had not thought my not writing could have been conceived as writers block, but who is to say it was not. I had not noted a new plot or had a new character say hello, yoo-hoo, over here, look at me, at the most awkward of times, as they so often have! However, until I had sat at my desk and started writing again; I had ashamedly not noticed the deafening silence. I had to be fair been swamped with other thoughts, some good and some self pitying but that was no excuse. Had my muse left? Or did she retreat, waiting in the background to come out shake her ass as she dances around the room, and say you will listen to me!

To that question I have no answer. I do know, I hope she never retreats in that way ever again. No matter how many times I have to sit her on the naughty step. I am loving every minute of her ramblings and yes some of them I think oh, really, as she makes me blush. Then the smile that only rises on one side of my face is there, as she sits on the naughty step sulking, while I scribble down what she has just whispered in my ear.

I finish this blog on a high as I get ready for a day of writing. The first draft of a new novella she has been whispering in my ear of while writing about Nicholas is well under way.

Do not worry Nicholas is waiting for a few days so I can come back with fresh eyes to do my least favorite part of writing. Tearing apart that first draft to make it into what you will get to read. Do not get me wrong, I love the end result, I just hate taking away that rawness that is my muse, whispering sweet nothings as my fingers hit the keys.

Hope you are all safe and well!

Toodles for now. Caroline xoxo

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