Developing green fingers

Not a book related post this week. This all started before we knew just how bad this virus really is. It is helping to keep me busy. Who am I kidding, writing keeps me busy enough!

Roll back a couple of months

Earlier in the year I managed to get a dose of the flu, and I will admit, it knocked me sideways. I am an asthma sufferer, so I am supposed to get a flu jab. I got busy and kept putting it off, so this year I was late and yes, three days after getting the jab I was in bed and not well. Giving me time to think about things in between holding my head, as it felt like my brain  would explode from all the coughing. I do not do sick very well. I hide away and growl at anyone who comes near me.  Three weeks later while sat on the sofa watching daytime TV, as you do when feeling drained, I decided to make a few changes.

One of those was to try to grow some veggies. I will say, I am not the biggest fan of them. Give me a nice steak and I am a happy girl. But, I know age is knocking at my door and no matter how much I want to say whatever, it keeps pushing to come in. Plus after a dose of the flu made me unwell for that length of time I knew I needed to make some serious health choices.

Bearing in mind I have never been able to keep an indoor plant alive for more than a few weeks, this is a big challenge for me.  I decided to grow what I know I will eat. A few strawberry plants are now in place and also every variety of lettuce seed I could get online. Times are different at the moment. If I succeed this year I will be trying to grow other items next year 😉

First picture is my greenhouse a few weeks ago. the second is the little seeds starting to grow.

I am hoping to transfer the now mini plants – I did say I am not a gardener lol – into the bigger planters in the next week. If I can do this, I am of the opinion, any one can.

I am a routine orientated gal. Everything has its place. If my surrounding are not tidy my mind and muse are not happy.  I will say the growing thing is a little bit of a challenge, as I have no control over it, but so far so good.

Will let you know later how it goes. I would love to hear what is helping you keep sane at this time. Let us know below in the comments.

Be safe out there and toodles for now. Caroline xoxo



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