Just checking in

These are as everyone and their brother is saying unprecedented times….

I have to say, in the first weeks of this awful pandemic I was as probably like countless others sat, eyes glued to the news channel. The days are creeping past and the figures, who are people! for the death toll creep up. I got to the stage of not wanting to look. I turned my TV off and looked into other avenues to fill my time.

I have seen so many wonderful things online. People caring and sharing. We all have our ups and downs. I think I have had a few over the last year. I hold my hands up that since my return from France to the UK that I went to ground. I have moved three times since, and been made redundant from a job that lasted eight months. I was doing a bit of a pity party. The pounds have piled on and I stopped reading and writing.

Then the new year arrived and I thought new year, new me. I got stuck into sorting out going self employed over here. I was all ready to go. Then… I got flu, once again, stuck in bed for days and then the sofa.  It took over a month for my asthma to spring back from that, so I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like for those who have suffered with the virus. My condolences go out to all those who have lost loved ones and have suffered from this terrible virus.

I have been one of the lucky ones. I started to self isolate a good week before they made it compulsory here in the UK. The silver lining to being made redundant is I had my new business venture all lined up just before all of this happened. I am sat six days a week writing and loving every minute of it. Life is not so bad. I cannot see my family but we have a group chat and my grandson calls me on video chat. I am thankful to technology and so are my cats lol  I have even started to do an online class. I am determined to lose this weight.

I am now in the process of setting up a link for one of my books if you would like a free copy then keep an eye out here as I will be posting a link over the next few days once everything is in place.

Please take care out there. Be safe and well. Toodles for now. Caroline xoxo

P.s My featured image is by the sea. I am looking forward to going and walking on a beach once the lock down is over. where would you like to go?


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