Wow! What a time we had…

I have been back here in the UK for a couple of weeks now. Lets just say We had an eventful journey. I am so grateful I had a friend come along for the ride. Although I doubt she will ever volunteer for something like that again!

What should have taken us eighteen hours took twenty eight.  Loads of road works, a closure on the M25 and a flat tyre all added to the stressful journey. But We arrived in one piece and now I am settling into life back in the UK.

Culture shock is an understatement. Who knew a country could change so much in four years. I have gone from a place where everyone smiles says good morning and have a good day, to keep your head down and keep moving.

On the plus side, I have set up my computer and I will be back writing soon. I might even get some in today 😉

Nicholas book two of the no strings series will be coming your way very soon and  will be followed by Clarissa.

Busy times are ahead, so much to look forward to. At the moment I am having fun with my family. My Grandson is a real live-wire. He loves playing swords with his Nana on the Wii. Gives Nana a chance to let of steam too lol

Best get back to it. Nicholas is not going to write itself.

I will say have a good day and take care. Toodles for now. Caroline xoxo



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