Not long now

The countdown to the road trip back to the UK has begun.

It’s now just me with a friend to keep me company and my girls (cats) My worldly possessions will follow on later on once I have found a new home.

I will miss living in France. The way of life is very different here from the UK.

However, I have a lot to look forward to. A wonderful bundle of joy in my grandson and of course my daughter and her partner.

I will finish writing Nicholas as well the next in the No strings attached series. I never thought I would write anything but paranormal romance. A writer friend of mine convinced me to write Melinda after telling her of my ideas. I’m enjoying branching out and pushing my boundaries. I have had so much good feedback about Melinda and anyone who writes will tell you how much you taking the time to get in touch means to us.

I had best get back to packing and prepping. Thought I would share my little house here. I will definitely miss it and the beautiful scenery.

The next time I post I will be back in the UK. Will try to take a few pictures along the way and will share with you.

For now I will say toodles and take care. Caroline xoxo

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