Would you work for free?

Would you have a tradesman in and then not pay?

I am sad to say this is happening a lot to Authors. Not only is there the piracy happening. Recently I have noticed that my books are being downloaded via a legitimate source and then not being paid for.

I would never dream of purchasing something and not paying for it. Or, not paying someone for their hard work.  I am disappointed that there are people out there that feel it is okay to not pay for a book that costs less than a take out coffee.  You are probably thinking, why worry about it?

In April forty-five percent of the ebooks downloaded via legitimate sources are still awaiting payment. That is a large percentage what I earn.  I do not earn thousands, not even hundreds of pounds. I love writing, it is why I do it. However, I put a lot of time and myself into my books.

To those out there who think it wont hurt not to pay for a book, after all it only costs a couple of pounds. Remember, if enough of you do that It would mean I can no longer afford to publish my books. There is the other side of publishing to take into account, this side costs money. I am not the only writer this is happening to. I know there are others out there this has started to happen to too.

So the next time you download a book and read it and not pay, or ask for a refund after reading it, spare a thought for that writer who will not be paid for their hard work.

Again I ask. Would you have someone to fix your car and not pay?

Take a moment and consider, is there a difference between doing that and not paying for that book?

Sorry my post is a downer today.

One positive note. Nicholas is coming along slowly, I will be back in the UK in less than three weeks time! So nerve-racking and exciting all at the same time.

Toodles for now, Caroline xoxo

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