Once upon a time

Okay, now I have your attention 😉

It is more of an update than a story, although this is my story. Four years ago I moved to France. One to help care for my parents and two, for a new life.  In those four years a lot has changed.

I am now a Nana, there have been a few ups and downs along the way. I made the hard decision to move back to the Uk. There are downsides and upsides to this. I will have to stop being my parents carer. They will have the help they need though I am happy to say. The other is of course leaving this beautiful country and the sunshine behind.  That is the downside to my decision. The upside. I am moving back to the UK to be with my family and to get to spend time with my grandson. He is a mischievous three-year old now and I am really looking forward to having Nana time with him.

There will be plenty of that for the first couple of months as I will be staying with the family until I find a place of my own and get myself back out into the working world.

Where does this leave my writing I hear you ask? Do not worry, I have no plans to stop writing. I will just have to put aside time for it. I plan on writing Nicholas, the second book of the no strings attached series while I make this move. There will be hidden moments when I can steal a little time 🙂

Today I booked the ferry crossing and in four weeks I will be making that long drive back to the UK. I am thinking of it as a road trip and I am lucky enough to have a really good friend making the journey with me.  Can’t really see us as Thelma and Louise. ( confession, I have never seen that film lol) I will endeavour to take some snapshots along the way and keep you all posted. However, for now it is boxes and re-homing of some of my stuff time.

Hope you are all keeping well and I will no doubt speak to you all soon! Toodles for now. Caroline xoxo

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