Big changes ahead!

I know it has been a while since I have been on here. I apologise for that!

I have been busy plotting to take over the world… Ok, you got me. I have been planning a rather large change in my life. It has put my creativity muse to the test. I am sad to say I haven’t sat and written anything for a few months now, however I have been doing what else I love, and that is, paper craft.  With writing I am driven, it takes a fair bit from me, with paper craft I am the total opposite. I find my mind calms and I relax. But, enough of that lol

Due to circumstances I cannot control I will be moving back to the UK in the next few months. So I have a lot of planning to do , packing, downsizing my stash of junk, and believe me, I have a fair amount of that! This is the reason I have not been on here. Not a good one and I do apologise for not posting sooner. Those of you who follow my other media outlets will already know what is happening. I do promise I am not going to disappear all together. I cannot ever imagine not writing. I do have a first draft of Breaking the curse ready for editing and I will be diving on back into my writing once I am sorted and settled in the UK.

I will miss France and the lifestyle, on a positive note, I get to be near my daughter, her partner and my Grandson. so lots of fun-filled days ahead there.

I will be getting more involved with my paper crafting as I am now playing with a lot more medias. It is fun learning new crafts. I highly recommend it. I will always love writing and I plan to release books to all three of the series I have and you never know what the future holds. My muse may have other plans for me too.
For now I thank you for being so patient with me. I still love to hear from you and always answer as soon as I possibly can. Hope you are having a blissful week-end. Toodles for now, Caroline xoxo

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