Finally back online!

Yes! I am back. If you follow my posts you will know I moved house back on the 1st of August. All seemed to be going well. Until it came to having my internet switched on. After hours of calls and the engineers going to my old address not once but 3 times I finally have an internet service, phone and tv. It is surprising how much I take the service for granted. I felt like I had been cut off from the world. not a good feeling I can tell you.

Alas this means I am running a month behind my schedule. Instead of trying to catch up I am going to have to say I am not publishing a book this month 😦

I will be back to releasing Breaking the curse at the beginning of October. I can only say sorry, but life has got in the way. I am also sad to say I have had to go back to working full time as well as caring for the parents. I am not making anywhere near enough from publishing to be able to say, I quit! This also means time away from the keyboard. I will be publishing  every six weeks instead of monthly. Life has a way of getting in the way, but I am hoping you will not hold it against me xoxo

On a positive note I will also be upping my writing skills as I am embarking on a copy editors course! I know, I thought you said you are busy lol  But if I do not do this I will forever be thinking what if?

We are headed towards autumn and then in no time winter. The one thing about living where I do. Most places close for the winter. So what else is a girl to do but write and learn 😉

Enough waffling for now. I have a list a mile long of online updates and changes of address to do… The job I really do not like after moving lol

Toodles for now my lovely cohorts. I will share a few pics in the near future of the new abode. It is a work in progress as I am putting my mark on it 😉

Have a wonderful week and take care. Caroline xoxo


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