And now for something completly different!

Good morning my lovely cohorts. I hope this Monday finds you well. It is a little overcast here and the storms are rolling past, but we could do with it as it is uncomfortably close. I do love the smell in the air after a good storm!

I digress. The something completely different. I know most of you follow me as I write the paranormal/urban Romance. However, today, I have released my first cheeky romance. Coming under the banner of Erotic romance. It is a quick read and fun!  Also it is only 99p/99c at the moment. It will go up to the regular price in a few days. So grab a copy now 😉

Her she is. Melinda.


Melinda has come into some money an obscure aunt has left to her. The one proviso. She uses it to have fun. The No Strings Attached dating agency is on the list of attachments within the email the solicitor has sent. Clicking on the link she sees a smiling woman looking at her and below are the services the agency offers. Looking in the mirror Melinda sees her refection. Hair pulled back she has her usual uniform on ready for work. Should she go for the platinum package? Could she really do a no strings attached week end away?
Samuel is a regular with No Strings Attached dating. He is a high roller in the financial world and has no time for anything else. He needs a week end away. His tastes run from the exotic to sporty. Only one stipulation is on his card. He likes to experiment with his partner. She must be up for a little slap and tickle.



US Link

UK Link

Hope you enjoy. I will be taking this series wide, once I have moved into the new place. That is a post for another day lol  All I can say is there are a few boxes and bags hanging around…

Have a great week!
Toodles, for now, Caroline xoxo

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