It’s release day! Nervous or excited?

Both is the answer

I am always a little nervous on release day. Today a little more so than normal. I am releasing the first book in a new series of novellas. As a writer I am always thinking will anyone want to read what I write?

I think any writer who says they do not think that is either very confidant – lucky or just plain lying the themselves lol

I am shy when I first meet anyone. It can make it hard to reach out online sometimes. That I will never be able to change about myself. I have learned in the last few years not to fret about it so much. It is part of my personality. Once I get to know someone, it is a whole different story 😉

I digress, back to today. Am I nervous? simple answer, yes. Am I excited? Oh yes! I have loved writing this novella about demon warriors. It has been a very different way of writing. In my supernatural sagas it has been the female who has been in the forefront of the book. In the Gehenna warriors it is the men. There are thirteen warriors in this series so far. Each having a tale to tell you. You will have to wait and see if they are all happy endings.

I am not going to go on too much about it, even though it is release day and I am nibbling away at my nails. For all of you that have trusted me and pre-ordered your copy I thank you!!!

I am going to post my author page link so that you can go and check out Barrow for yourself. Author link. Click me 😉

Enough waffling 🙂 I hear my name being called. Back to my writing corner I go.
Have a wonderful day! Caroline xoxo

P.s Don’t forget. There is a Kindle giveaway competition you can still enter.




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