Kindle Reader giveaway & a new book series!

Yes, that's correct. I am giving away a kindle reader!
If you want to be in with a chance of winning it. 
Pop over to the giveaway page on this blog. 
Entries can be as simple as liking the page or commenting!

Onto the other mega exciting news I have. The supernatural Sagas are well under way. Book five Nikki’s Challenge is due for release on the 5th July.

Meanwhile in my writing corner another series has come to light. The Gehenna Warriors tales…

They are going to be a series of novellas, so a quick read.

I am hoping to release one each month over the next year. The first is coming your way on the 18th of June. So not long to wait.

If you would like to grab a copy on the day of release. Press the highlighted link and pre order it. I will be releasing them in paperback. Will slip into the handbag easily 😉

Now the good bit. Blurb and cover for Barrow, book one of the Gehenna warriors tales.


The Gehenna warriors are a noble breed of demons, willing to leave the comforts of living in Gehenna. They keep the human population safe from supernaturals with lethal intentions.
Barrow is joining the team at short notice. He has to help stop a supernatural from taking women and using them for unspeakable acts of torture and cruelty.
Evangeline is his next target. Will the warriors be able to save her? And if so, what have the fates in store for her?

Time for me to get back to it. I hear my name being called.

Have a great day, do not forget to pop over to the giveaway page and give it a like. You never know. That like could win you that reader!

Take care, Caroline xoxo

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