Happy dance time!

The day has finally arrived when Protecting the family has been re-released into the world. From now on its all new!!!

To celebrate this I will be doing a giveaway of a gen 7 kindle, so watch this space in the next few days I will release the details on how you can enter!

But, today is all about Angel and Protecting the family.
If you follow this Link to my author page over on Amazon you will find all of my books including Protecting the family. So without further delay a little snippet and the book cover


Angel has completed the metamorphosis. Found and lost her mother to an unavoidable tragedy and has discovered the rest of her family are not what she dreamt of as a child. Her half-brother Erick wishes to kill her, and her Father is a suspected supporter of the Junta. She has met her half-sister Minuet, fated mate of Angel’s close friend Jack.
Angel has found her fated mate, and he is not just any Vampire. He is Dorian Winters, head of the Vampire Council.
Angel never one to shrink away from a challenge. Will have her man, and plans to join the Desory. Her ambition, to help protect the supernatural community and the people she has come to know and love.
Even with all the turmoil, Angel feels like she belongs. No one is going to take this away from her, or will they?
There is another member of her blood family she has no idea even exists. He is going to come into her life like a tornado and rock the boat.
Will there be a happy ever after? Will she become the warrior she so desperately wants to be? Or will she give up everything and the man she loves to protect her Family?



Angel’s eyes widen in surprise. “You have a son? I didn’t know.” John’s face lights up. Angel would recognize that look anywhere. Love is the hardest emotion to disguise. “He is seventeen and going through the, ‘not cool to be out with Dad phase. He walks around with his earphones in while playing games on his phone most of the time.”

Angel remembers the lad who had walked past her. “I think we have passed in the halls of Topline. I thought his face looked familiar. Now I know why.” John feels panic welling inside and tries to quash it. Angel misreads his worry, for paternal feelings for his son. “He looks like you, John. I can see how much you love him. I would not worry too much, he will grow out of this phase soon enough. I should know – it was not that long ago that I was there. If I am honest, I would have given anything, to moan about my parents.”  John’s face drops, he looks as if he is not sure what to say in reply to her statement. Angel laughs, and pats his arm, making him physically relax. Angel thinks she made him feel uncomfortable with her flippant reply and feels a little guilt creep in. She forgets he has lost Jesaray. Little does she know John has been feeling uncomfortable for different reasons.  He knows he will have to tell her at some point, but not today.

“Have a wonderful evening Angel, be careful, older vampires can be alluring to young ones. Follow your instincts. Never second-guess the first thought that comes to you, trust your gut. That is the one piece of advice your mother took from me without any arguments, unfortunately, it was after your father.” He pats Angel’s arm and looks at her sincerely. “Your mother never regretted having you. I wonder if we had met before Gideon if life would have been different.” A large genuine smile brightens his face, “But then, we would not have you.”


Angel feels John’s sincerity and the loss still lingering from the death of her mother. She must find out why she is feeling what she assumes the other people around her are experiencing. At first, she thought it was her mother’s blood tie to John, but the fact she could read what the council members were feeling has changed that assumption. Considering their ages and there is no blood or metaphysical tie, she should in no way be able to know what they are feeling, it is unnerving, to say the least. “Enjoy your evening with William. I will see you tomorrow. I am planning on finding out where I go to sign up with the Desory in the morning.”

I’m off for one more little happy dance then it is back to it! I have a pot of coffee on the go and I am writing.

Have a great day! Caroline xoxo

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