I’m hiding from Monday. Who is with me?


Yes, it came around too quickly.  I do not mind Monday so much. I get to post a little of what I have been up to in the past week 🙂
This week has been a mixed one. There was good and bad!
My laptop decided to do a mission impossible to me and self- destructed. Alas, there will be no return. Fortunately, I have my trusty old laptop as a backup. She may be old   -ancient in laptop years-   but after reinstalling my writing apps and updating her she is up and running, slowly but she is plodding along.

So that was my bad, for me it was really bad as I like my workspace set up just so. However, onto the good!

While I sat watching the laptop go through a never-ending cycle of updates my muse decided to kick in.  I am now planning another series, it will run at the same time as the supernatural saga’s. Don’t panic… I really wanted to type Mr. Mannering on that, oops just did 😉 I digress.

New series, it will be novellas. so out reasonably quickly. Unfortunately, that means they will more than likely only be in Kindle format. I know, I am getting to the good bit. If you read my books you will of heard of a place called Gahanna. this series is about the Warriors who are in the Human realm to protect them from any demon who decides the humans are theirs to play with. Each Novella will be a one-off plot. No cliffhangers 😉  with a background story running through the series about the pardon the pun hot as hell warriors. So yes there will be romance and a splash of passion, tension, and all that yummy stuff.

So, why am I telling you this? I am hoping to get the first book out in the next month or so!
I am going to post a piccy of one of the Warriors, but I think he might like a post of his own later on. So for now. A name and piccy are all you are getting. Yes, I know I’m Super mean…

So This is Barrow.

I’m off to get stuck into finishing Breaking the curse so that I can get started on Barrow’s story.
Hope you have a great week! Toodles for now, Caroline xoxo

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