7 days & counting!

The excitement is building!

Book three of the Supernatural Saga’s will be available by this time next week.

Nikki’s Revenge

Nikki is a sassy kick-ass cop who is good at what she does. She has a past that haunts her and will eventually catch her. The fates always get their way. One way or another.


If there is one thing Nikki Palomar is sure of, she has cop blood running through her veins. She grew up never knowing what happened to her father, apart from one fact—he was killed on the job. Darwin Palomar has been a forbidden subject at home, but all that has done is fuel her need for answers. Will Nikki find what she is looking for? Or will she discover the one thing her mother never wanted her to know?
Joining the force and working in the serious crimes unit she is achieving the highest conviction rate within the department. Nikki is a rising star. Until the day she comes upon Bret Channing. There is something not quite right about him, but she cannot put her finger on what. Her inner cop is screaming something is amiss. Never mind he is Businessman of the Year or is in tight with her boss. Nikki has vowed to investigate him, much to her partner of two years’ dismay.
Nikki has been on the Woodlands Pack’s watchlist for all her life. When Alex discovers Nikki is investigating Bret Channing, he takes his concerns to Marius, their Alpha. But will they be able to protect Nikki? Or is she going to get herself killed, as her father was before her?


It will be on Amazon and as all my books are in Paperback, Kindle and free via Kindle unlimited

Just a little reminder. If you would like to read Book 1 The Desory for free join my VIP list. At the top of my website just click the button and put in your email address and follow the prompt. It is that easy.

Hope you have a great day. Toodles, for now, Caroline xoxo

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