Monday Magic!

Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun!  It is that time of the week again. You either love it or hate it.

Monday means Magic!

It is that time of the week when I share a little of what I got up to in the last week.

This week, I am sharing a little Nikki!

It is out for pre-order but it is less than a month until it goes live. So, I thought I would share a little of what it is about.

One cover, blurb and snippet coming your way. Enjoy 😉



If there is one thing Nikki Palomar is sure of, she has cop blood running through her veins. She grew up never knowing what happened to her father, apart from one fact—he was killed on the job. Darwin Palomar has been a forbidden subject at home, but all that has done is fuel her need for answers. Will Nikki find what she is looking for? Or will she discover the one thing her mother never wanted her to know?
Joining the force and working in the serious crimes unit she is achieving the highest conviction rate within the department. Nikki is a rising star. Until the day she comes upon Bret Channing. There is something not quite right about him, but she cannot put her finger on what. Her inner cop is screaming something is amiss. Never mind he is Businessman of the Year or is in tight with her boss. Nikki has vowed to investigate him, much to her partner of two years’ dismay.
Nikki has been on the Woodlands Pack’s watchlist for all her life. When Alex discovers Nikki is investigating Bret Channing, he takes his concerns to Marius, their Alpha. But will they be able to protect Nikki? Or is she going to get herself killed, as her father was before her?

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Nikki exits the car, a little shaken up. “You cannot have taken a driver’s test and passed, that must have been the most hair-raising journey I have ever been on.”

“I am not sure if I should take that as a compliment or not. Of course, I took a test, let me think – oh, yes. It was in nineteen-fifty-two.”

Mouth agape, Nikki finds herself lost for words. Walking over to her Ameen gently places his finger under her chin and closes her mouth. Without warning, he covers her mouth with his and kisses her. Pulling her body into his, he envelops her.  Nikki hasn’t felt so much, from so little, in all her years. Although, her experience with men is a little limited. She has always put her career first. Maybe she could be a little out of her depth. Mentally shaking herself she pulls back.

“Relax, Nikki, I would never take advantage of you. We will go at your pace. Now, shall we go inside, so I can tell you what you wish to know about the supernatural community?”


Lars walks into the office to find Marius pacing. Walking over to the desk, he sits down to not add to his Alpha’s aggravation. After one more lap of the office, Marius takes his seat at the desk, looking Lars in the eye. “Well, what is our Nikki up to, and why aren’t you following her?”

Lars shuffles in his seat and looks down, so it doesn’t look as if he is challenging his alpha. “She is with Ameen. They were, err, getting friendly when I last laid eyes on them.”

Lars hears his Marius growl. Shocked at the loss of control that is usually rock solid, Lars tries to lower himself to the floor.

“Sorry, Lars, it is not your report I am not happy with. I know Ameen is a trusted friend of the pack and would never let anything terrible happen. For one, Anna would tear him a strip, and Alex sees Nikki as his own. You have probably noticed Nikki is a strong wolf – Maso and I have agreed she is our equal. And yes, we agree she is our destined mate. So, please excuse my behavior. The pack will feel the effects filtering down to them soon. I thought it only fair I warn the Bulwarks, this could be a rough ride. I know Nikki and Neasa belong to me and Maso, but she is so new to this way of life, I have no idea how to go about showing her.”

Lars shifts in his seat, uncomfortable that he is sitting hearing his alpha telling him this. He knows he is high up the pack, but he isn’t usually privy to this information. It is personal to Marius and he never thought he would be this far in the inner circle of the pack.

“You are wondering why I have told you this. As you know, when an alpha chooses his mate. There may be a little discord with the other wolves if they do not like who the fates have sent. I am appointing you as Nikki’s protector for the near future. I do not want her first few months spent fortifying her position within the pack. This is a well-deserved promotion for you. I have been watching you for a while now, Lars. I am asking if you would do the honor of being my third. Yes, you are young.  I know we usually ask mated wolves to fill second and third. I think an unmated male is better suited to this role.”

Lars sits frozen in his chair, his mind racing at a hundred miles an hour. Did he just hear Marius ask him to be his third? In the record of the pack, never has one so young had the honor of becoming an alpha’s third. He stands, bowing his head. “I am honored, you have this much faith and trust in me.”

Marius stands and lays a hand on Lars’ shoulder. “Chill, little pup, and please call me Marius. We are going to be working closely together from now on. When we are in relaxed circumstances, I am happy for you to call me Marius.”

Lars looks at his alpha. “I do have one request, my alpha — I mean, Marius.”

“Name it, little pup.”

Lars clears his throat. “Could you please not call me ‘little pup’?”

A deep, rumbling belly laugh comes from within Marius. “Hmm, yes, I can see your point. I will try not to call you little pup, and you have my word I will not call you it anymore in public. We will make this official as soon as Alex and Anna return. There is much to discuss the Kent Street warehouse. I would like you in on the discussions.”

It is back to the madness that is the Supernatural Saga’s for me. I hope you enjoyed my little snippet into what is coming your way.
I will leave you to enjoy the new week. Toodles, for now, Caroline xoxo

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