Pre-order & cover reveal – book 4 of the Supernatural Saga’s

Protecting the Family

Yes! I can finally share it with you. Book 4 of the Supernatural Saga’s is available to pre-order and will drop onto your kindle on the 4th of June. It will be on Amazon and available in paperback, kindle and via KU.

US link

UK link

I am Super excited the series is finally coming out to you,  my lovely cohorts.

So, here you go. The cover, blurb and a peek at what is to come.

Protecting the family



Angel has completed the metamorphosis. Found and lost her mother to an unavoidable tragedy and has discovered the rest of her family are not what she dreamt of as a child. Her half-brother Erick wishes to kill her, and her Father is a suspected supporter of the Junta. She has met her half-sister Minuet, fated mate of Angel’s close friend Jack.
Angel has found her fated mate, and he is not just any Vampire. He is Dorian Winters, head of the Vampire Council.
Angel never one to shrink away from a challenge. Will have her man, and plans to join the Desory. Her ambition, to help protect the supernatural community and the people she has come to know and love.
Even with all the turmoil, Angel feels like she belongs. No one is going to take this away from her, or will they?
There is another member of her blood family she has no idea even exists. He is going to come into her life like a tornado and rock the boat.
Will there be a happy ever after? Will she become the warrior she so desperately wants to be? Or will she give up everything and the man she loves to protect her Family?


As Angel settles into Dorian’s lap, she hears her mobile phone. ‘Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities.’ Looking up at Dorian, she shyly grins, “That’s Roger calling.” With a frown on her face, she suddenly notices she cannot feel him in the background. Panic engulfs her. Feeling Dorian’s hand on her arm, she tilts her head to the side. Dorian has come to know this as her look of questioning, or confusion.

“The call will most likely be about me closing the links between us and our protectors.” Sliding from Dorian’s lap, Angel dives to bring back her phone from the bag slung in the corner of the room. Giving Dorian the, ‘I will deal with you later look.’ She flips open her phone.

Only a couple of rings later, but what feels like an eternity to Roger, he hears the line connect. “Hey Cuddly-Bear, you okay?” She hears a growl down-the-line and then silence. “Roger?”

A gruff voice replies. “You said you would never say that out loud.”

Angel winces as she can hear Annabelle giggling in the background. She also sees an amused look on Dorian’s face, she slowly shakes her head at him and he stops. “Sorry. Why are you calling, is there something wrong are you okay? Is Annabelle okay?” Angel holds the phone out from her ear, as the booming voice of a pissed but worried bear is shouting at her. Asking what the hell does she think she is doing, cutting off communication when she knows he is worried sick about Erick?

“Oh, don’t get your panties in a twist cuddly – I mean, Roger. I am fine, I am with Dorian.” Angel slaps her hand over her mouth, but it is too late to take back what she has just said. Angel just let the cat out of the bag. Dorian gets off the bed and crouches in front of her gently taking the phone. “Hello, Roger.” The line goes silent. “Bloody hell, oh geez – I am sorry, I mean. Hello, sir.” With a chuckle Dorian sits down on the bed next to Angel, putting his arm around her. He feels her relax at his touch, such a simple action. There is nothing better than the calming influence of your mate. “Even if she does have a big mouth,” he hears a little squeak. Roger blurts out, “Is Angel okay?”

Dorian chuckles down the line, “Nothing, a good smack on the backside will not cure.”

Hearing Angel gasp with shock at his statement makes Dorian feel good, for what reason he will have to fathom out later. “Now, what can I do for you Roger, protector of my mate?”

“Umm sir, I needed to know if Midget, I mean Angel is okay. You slammed our communication shut so abruptly, I panicked sir.” Dorian winks at Angel, she rolls her eyes at him, he shakes his head, as if to say, do not do that. He hears a raspberry sound and looks in shock at his mate. “Roger, please call me Dorian. Fate willing, we are going to be in one another’s company for years to come. I am only a ‘sir’ in public.”

“Yes, sir, I mean Dorian. Did I just hear a raspberry in the background?”

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak. Have a great day!

Toodles, for now, Caroline xoxo

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