Monday Magic!

It’s back!

Yes, Monday is upon us once again. So I thought I would share a little of what I have been working on over the past week
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Protecting the Family is the fourth book in the Supernatural Sagas. It is available to pre-order from Amazon.


Angel has completed the metamorphosis. Found and lost her mother to an unavoidable tragedy and has discovered the rest of her family are not what she dreamt of as a child. Her half-brother Erick wishes to kill her, and her Father is a suspected supporter of the Junta. She has met her half-sister Minuet, fated mate of Angel’s close friend Jack.
Angel has found her fated mate, and he is not just any Vampire. He is Dorian Winters, head of the Vampire Council.
Angel never one to shrink away from a challenge. Will have her man, and plans to join the Desory. Her ambition, to help protect the supernatural community and the people she has come to know and love.
Even with all the turmoil, Angel feels like she belongs. No one is going to take this away from her, or will they?
There is another member of her blood family she has no idea even exists. He is going to come into her life like a tornado and rock the boat.
Will there be a happy ever after? Will she become the warrior she so desperately wants to be? Or will she give up everything and the man she loves to protect her Family?

Protecting the family


The drive to the council chambers is taking forever and Angel is getting nervous. She has no clue what she will do if they say no. She is steadfast in her decision in asking to join the Desory.

On arriving a valet is there to take the car. John escorts her to the main reception desk and steps back.  The receptionist looks Angel up and down, appraising her. There is a strict dress code within the walls of Parliament and Angel has been careful to follow them. Luckily, they changed some of the rules back in the nineteen-seventies, so the code is a little more relaxed. Nodding in approval, the receptionist points her pen towards one of the doors, “You want the second door on the left, good luck Ms. Ladislav. Your protector can wait here for you.”

Angel is just about to say he is not my protector when a sudden rush of sadness rushes through her. Shuddering she turns to John, “Was that you?” Perplexed, he looks at her. “Was what me, Ms. Ladislav?”

Angel grabs hold of John’s arm pulling him over to the seating. He tries to protest. “You will be late, go to your hearing.” Shrugging her shoulders at him nonchalantly. “They will just have to wait. I felt your sadness John, or at least I think I did. How is that possible?” The look on John’s face is one of total surprise. Shaking his head, he looks to be in deep thought. “Go to your meeting Angel. I will tell you my thoughts when we get back to the towers. I need to consult with Archie. Before you argue with me, as I know you are about to. I am not sure what is happening. I need to ask someone who will.” Tilting her head to one side makes Angel so much like her mother, she feels another jolt of sadness blast her.

With a sad smile on his face, Angel can see John is reliving a fond memory. “Your mother used to tilt her head in just the same way. You are so much like her.”

The receptionist makes an exasperated sigh. “Ms. Ladislav – They are waiting for you.”

Angel giggles to John, “Oops, I am in trouble. Nothing new there then.” In a snap, she looks at him. “I am not going to drop this you know.” John sighs and nods in acknowledgment as he watches Angel make her way over to the door.

As Angel walks towards the council chamber her nervousness heightens, it settles deep within her core.


Walking into the room set aside for her hearing, Angel notices five vampires sat waiting for her. Walking up to the chair set in front of the long table she stops behind it and waits as tradition dictates.

They look to be in deep conversation.  Archie has directed her to stand quietly and wait to for their acknowledgment. They are showing her who is in charge, by making her wait. In her human life, Angel would have taken this as a challenge.  However, she is playing by the rules. She respects Archie too much not to honor what he has asked of her. She feels bad enough that she is still going to ask to join the Desory against his wishes, the following of protocol is the least she can do.

While she is waiting, she takes the time to take a good look at them. There is always one representative from each of the main families. That way no one can claim foul from any council decision.

She instantly recognizes one of them. He is sitting in the center, flanked by two males and two females on either side. It is at that precise moment that Dorian looks up, locking his beautiful purple eyes on Angel. “Would you please take a seat Ms. Ladislav?”

Angel walks in front of the chair and without breaking eye contact sits down. He is not the Dorian she danced with only a few days ago. This is Dorian Winters, head of the vampire council in his official robes and he looks every inch the part. In a most commanding voice, he asks. “State your given name for the record please.”

Making sure she sounds as confident as she can., “Angel Desdemona Ladislav.”

I hope you enjoyed my little bit of Monday Magic.

It’s time for me to return to my writers corner. Have a great week my lovely cohorts.

Toodles, for now, Caroline xoxo


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