The Desory – A sneak peak

I had planned on another post for today, unfortunately, you know what they say about best-laid plans lol

So, instead, I am going to share a little excerpt from The Desory.


“I would ask why, but I already know how you feel. I will tell you a little secret. This place is protected by a spell that tells me whatever anyone who enters is feeling or intends to do. So, you see, we know about your treachery, because that is what it is. All that redeems you is I also know how torn you have been over committing the traitorous act of handing over the names of those who I am sure you have come to love. I also know that you feel like they do not appreciate you and would leave you behind when that is all over.”

Waiting for the information to sink in that all his brothers in arms know what he intended to do was agonizing. She knew there was only one chance to repair the damage that has happened to him over the years and she wants him to go on and live a full and productive life. Even if it is separate from all of those he loves. Time heals many wounds and thankfully time is something most supernatural being have plenty of.

“I do not have much to say, but what I do have to say is important. For you, me, and the supernatural communities. What you had intended to do tonight would have most probably started the end of all our species. The backlash from this would have been insurmountable. You think the Blood wars are bad now. It would have upped the fighting between the common folk, as well as the councilors who only keep the war going to meet their greedy needs. Thankfully it would seem the fates wish to toy with us for the forcible future and I found out about what you had intended to do. Do you not understand, it would not have made life stay as it is? It would have destroyed it. In all this mess, there has been some good come of it. The fates have shown us that we are supposed to live in harmony, not kill each other. On the night Archie came into the bar with Hank doc met her fated mate. Yes, a witch and a were-gorilla. Who would have thought that our fated mates could be a different species? There could be complications down the road with a crossbreeding, but I have a feeling the fates will not meddle that much. Interesting times are ahead of us. So, you see. It is of vital importance that you never reveal who was involved in this rebellion. Archie is meeting with your demon as we sit here. I just hope all goes as he has planned. Otherwise, even if I do convince you that this is for the best. We may yet be doomed to a bloody end.”


Do you believe in things that go bump in the night?
The supernatural sagas will ensnare you with their claws and suck you dry.
The Blood wars have ravaged the supernatural species to near extinction. The fates worry that it will not be the humans who destroy their favorite toys, but the supernaturals themselves. It must stop before it is too late.
The Desory is the tale of how the fates intervene and save the supernaturals from themselves. There will be intrigue, friendship, betrayal, and love; with a little bit of sexiness thrown into the mix; And it all starts with fairytales and whispers.

Available on Amazon in paperback, kindle and via KU

US link

UK link

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Hope you enjoyed our little snippet. Have a great day. Toodles, for now, Caroline xoxo

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