Monday Magic!


Yes, good old Monday. For me, it is just another day of the week. Being a writer I work seven days of the week. I do know that those out there with the traditional nine to five job. I get it. I’ve been there lol

So, I thought it would be nice to share a little magic today. The first book in the Supernatural Saga’s is out there and waiting for you to grab a copy if you haven’t already. It is on Amazon and is available in paperback and Kindle formats and if you are a KU customer you can read it for free.

The Desory US link

The Desory UK link

Now the magic for today.  How would you like to download a copy free!!! Follow this link and join my mail list. That’s it. I will only ever email you with updates on upcoming releases or a free gift. In return for giving me that opportunity, I will give you a free copy of  The Desory to download for free.

Blurb and then a snippet, just for you!


Do you believe in things that go bump in the night?
The supernatural sagas will ensnare you with their claws and suck you dry.
The Blood wars have ravaged the supernatural species to near extinction. The fates worry that it will not be the humans who destroy their favorite toys, but the supernaturals themselves. It must stop before it is too late.
The Desory is the tale of how the fates intervene and save the supernaturals from themselves. There will be intrigue, friendship, betrayal, and love; with a little bit of sexiness thrown into the mix; And it all starts with fairytales and whispers.


Watching the brooding vampire sat in what has become his usual seat at the end of the bar, the two women are not sure what to do.

Nelly feels the uncertain feelings and ill intentions constantly changing as he is thinking. The poor lad has a real war going on and Doc agreed with Nelly he needs to be watched, but so far, they are just thoughts and feelings. Only Dorian and Archie know of the intention spell placed on the bar it is an effective way of keeping the rebels safe within its walls. If there is the slightest hint of trouble Doc or Nelly will know about it and can have it dealt with discreetly. The problem here is the lad is family, why would he be feeling the way he is? They have become a tight-knit group of friends; brothers in arms. What could be troubling him so badly that he would be having these terrible feelings? Doc has warned Nelly to tread carefully. He is near the edge and one wrong word could tip him over.

Mychalo sits with his drink. He wants in on the rebellion, he is sure this is their base. With the wards so tightly placed, he has not been able to listen in to be sure. The vampire Damien sat at the other end of the bar could be his in, he has noticed he is here more often than the others. He looks like he could be the one in charge. You do not leave just anyone to guard the heart of what is most important, and he has a feeling this is the headquarters of what he wants a part of. He knows he is never going to be the settling down and have a wife and family type. However, he would like the choice of whom he hunts, with the Blood wars he has no choice in what he does. The council has made sure of that.

Seeing the opening he has been waiting for, Damien has an empty glass, he should offer him a drink. It would hopefully lead to a polite conversation. One problem, Nelly has just placed her hand over his and ever so slowly shook her head. She looks concerned. A chill descends as a tall dark and extremely handsome demon enters the bar. This demon is ancient. Eons ancient. Walking up to Mychalo he takes a seat next to him. Damien is distracted enough he missed an all-powerful demon walking in.

Hope this has made your Monday a little more magical. Toodles, for now, Caroline xoxo


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